What is Poker?

What is poker?

Well for me one poker is something that can not live without, is like air. Poker is one of the oldest card games appeared. Who wants to engage in poker will have to think very well in its consequences to the good but also evil.

Like any good poker and has a dark side, that part is that you can easily become an addict of this game without being able to stop playing. It can easily become a high-risk drug that you can not live without, that I was myself.
It all started in the district where they live. When I get back from school I saw my friends playing a new game, I stayed to watch, that new game that I was very surprised it was Poker. There seemed something very interesting but not really gave it importance. They convinced me I get to play that he did not have to lose if I do. They taught me to play and after a short time was the best of them. One day when I was outside a gang of a few guys came to us and said money to play with them. For the moment I accepted, but then said that we can win a large sum of money if we do. I changed my mind and I went home to take all my savings. I played and I managed to win. I won about 3-4 times more than I init. I decided to play in a casino for very large sums of money. I won a lot money until one day when luck left me. I played almost everything I had and still lose, I borrowed back thinking that I win but I did. I was buried in debt without me realize that I do. When I looked in the mirror I said, “Who am I?” I’m not recognize it. I finally managed to leave the poker world and even I was very excited. I got rid of debts by honest work.

All that said, great advice for beginners who want to engage in poker urge to have great care when they do, because once penetrated the world of poker can get hard, is it the big money won easily.

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  1. This little story reminded me of my first moments in poker and learn how to play the older boys in the neighborhood. I remember it was very difficult to play when I saw for the first time.


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