How to make money from online poker.

How to earn money from online poker.

Most people think that if you play poker you can win huge sums of money but they do not know but what are the amounts you can losewithout you realize. Poker money you can win as fast as you can lose. A case study shows that people invest a month about three-quarters of the budget as the Ministry of Health, amounts that far exceed many zeros.

There are two types of poker that you can win poker at the casino or online poker. Most players prefer the online because it is more convenient and easier to play, even here they can train more players abilities, not to lose anything. To become one of the best players is very much needed training for a long time or even lost interrestrial casinos. No player on the planet who have not lost a lot of money in poker, many poker stories say about history and how they won or lost money in poker. You can live from poker only if you are very smart and if you look at poker as a sport rather than a gamble.

Online poker can live very well and can even earn relatively higher than in casinos. Many online poker players practice say it is very difficult to gain existence of it because it requires a lot of concentration and very patient, mathematics is a strength for those who want to become the best. On the Internet an interview with a young man who makes his living from poker, he became one of the best poker players in the computer world, and lose about 6-7 hours per day just on poker. He said that poker can be great live. But a strategy that many will find it very hard. Play from 9 to 12 tables at once and requires a very high concentration and a very fast reflex ability. There are days when good win but there are days in which he says is lost very quickly. All the way you think of how you think felu think about your opponent. But the hardest is to pay attention to all the other tables and think in a very rapid movement you make.

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How i won 243.000 $ from poker.

How I won $ 243.000 from from poker?

Well many of you will not how to do this but know that is possible.To win you need a lot of patience and a lot   of skill when it comes to poker. You need a well planned strategy and not least of luck.It all started when playing internet poker without betting real money. I tried to bet and I did. I put a very small amount and I played on it. That amount we managed to lift 10-20 times more. I did not think I be able to do that but I did. I withdrew that amount and we tried real casino poker.

The best players from many casinos or offered to teach me what they know best, everyone said I could become champion if you listen. We played a lot of small tournaments before falling one game I saw and how I apply the strategy in the game. Offered to sponsor me in the biggest tournaments in the world. I train every day to become the best, but as I said earlier you not just to win. You also need luck.

Won almost all tournaments in which they participate sponsors increasingly came to me for more offers to be associated. I have not given up my old sponsor because I was not a partner but as a brother, this time I spent with him made ​​me see the world differently.I arrived at the biggest tournament in the world where gathered the richest and influential people. I was not happy, I do not think I have a chance in this tournament. Tournament starts and I lose and I went down, when my sponsor, I whispered to throw everything in the game to finish. All remained surprised and did it myself. I waited dramatic last book, when you I lifted the book I screamed of happiness is the book we needed. Won the tournament with very great difficulty. It was worth all the effort.Attend and continue even today to win a lot of money from poker after. For this I would like to thank all those who were with me to guide me and help them earn all the money they owe.

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