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Card games have been specially designed for those who wanted to have fun playing them or just to pass time boredom. Most people are playing poker for free to have fun

Unlike other games, this poker for free apparently the easiest to play but one that captivates you from becoming more and come in easy easy even spell his remaining many hours stuck in this game without knowing the passage of time or even suspecting its fast flow.

Over time, there appeared some schemes that could cheat to win without being caught. Many have used this scheme they became very popular. Then the world changed and became a simple card game wagering game is money, and who managed to win all the money taken.

In my opinion I think all people worldwide tried at least once a card game.

Most played games are still books: Solitaire and Black Jack. Poker for free can be learned online but you also can find some poker books

Black Jack is a game of strategy and skilful with the following rules:
- Each player receives 2 cards in hand to begin with, the books collected should not exceed 21, if a player has their sum equal to21 had lost black jack and the other in turn if both players have equal amount is equal and resume the game.

Solitaire is considered as subtle mind game to you among the best at this game you need a lot of ambition, patience, perseverance, and dexterity. The rules of this game are:

- Get some books down and a small package from which you’ll be able to draw cards. You need to make cards in ascending order by placing them one above another. This game can only play alone or with other friends can play only on the Internet.

For me one game card is the only way to relax and free my mind of things that make them dull day by day. In books I found serenity and inner peace, exceeding my limits of my existence, stepping into a fascinating world full of color and peaceful.

In a word no other introduction books are like gates of freedom open to them waiting for you to step across the border by showing you an entirely different world. Read some poker books to become a better poker player

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  1. free poker is very nice especially for those who want to experience as head behind him to play for money later. I suggest you play a lot of free money without risking anything not


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