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How I decided to start playing poker for money?

My story is a little strange. I have never feels nice not gambling or casino always thought they are a waste of time and t here is no point wasting my life trying to play and not win anything , in fact and after all games are but in which everything relies on luck. But it seems that one day everything changed. Stay home and when my wife came home outraged and angry, slammed the door and screaming. I did not know what happens and try to talk to her but said that he learned everything. I was speechless with amazement because I did not know what happens you find out what he knew and where they are.I tried to talk to her, until finally I found out what was going on. She learned from an unknown that I were in a bar and I cheated 

Although these things were some aberrations, I could not make her understand. We try to do everything I stand in power to convince her that it was not so. And then after things have calmed down she decided to leave me. I no longer had any power to call it that is not true and went. Then I found recovery from alcohol and poker. All  money that I worked and went to play poker casino. I did not know that it will seize life. Play a lot of money and lose a lot when I decided to leave me something and I stumbled appeared, a huge amount of gain that I recovered all lost before. Poker game and continuing to try to figure out how I bring my wife back, so I decided to play one last hand to beat putting all my money. So I bet everything on one hand that there was no compromising, I knew that I will lose everything and start again.  So when the book was given last I looked, and when I saw card I fell from a chair thrown happiness, gaining by 3 times or more. To try to bring back I bought a car and I put roses on my knees telling him that I love. She decided to return to me.



Poker sites

Once you decide its time to start having a good online game its most probably that you will love to play a poker game on a good poker site. You can try to search on your browser but I’m telling you. There are a lot of junk sites with poor content and you will not be very happy to click on many many ads without finding a good poker game. This is why we intend to create a great list for you with the top poker sites you can visit to play.

Top poker site list

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What is poker for me?

What is poker for me?

For me poker is how fun and how I manage to relax. I do not know maybe some people think that poker is a game that wastes your time elsewhere or make you bored very quickly. But for me one is not so, for me poker was and is and one of my sources of income. But here open a parenthesis for all who want to try poker for a living of it is very difficult to do, you need a lot of training and especially a lot of patience to win and become one of the best players. But many of those who do not play poker and tried not say it is just a simple card game where you have to be lucky just to win, but is quite different in poker luck the last  thing is to trust in him because it will passed sometimes. An old saying comes from such ”luck and your bad luck you do it with your hand” and so it is, luck can be up to you and how you play and how thinking at that time. The vast majority of players lose their temper when they see that everything goes down the drain and then, no longer having throw everything on the table makes hoping for a miracle, that miracle may come or may not occur.


Many lose their temper, but when I see that everything goes to the dogs and all their work easily falls slightly and then acquired many of them enter the tilt. Looking around I do not know what to do toget out of this state, fail many times, and some withdrew and others choose to throw everything to try to see what will be.


But the hardest part is that you have a lot of money and think about what you do with them, so I know many poker players do not have to happen, the money should be seen as something that does not exist for the moment because they distract you from the game and you lose a lot.

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Who made me to play poker?

Who made me to play poker?

Since I heard of poker, I always continued to play it whenever I could do it anywhere when they did. They love to play with all my friends gathered together, like they did when I felt like living on another world and that nothing around me did not matter to me than my friends and playing poker. But the question that I always ask is how I started playing poker? I remember that day like it was yesterday, when everything started for me, oddly enough ,only a dream. On that day, so a poker tournament on TV and I dream there at the table face to face with my opponents. I wanted very much to become like them! I went to bed and dream I dreamed the same thing I saw on TV. Perhaps it was a coincidence or maybe it was when I woke up frightened mother looked around the room and now do not realize where they are, the dream seemed so real that I still believe they’re there at that table. Since then I can say that it will be my destiny and I will try to fulfill my dream and the next day so I bought all the books about tactics and schemes about how you could play poker, how should adopt tactics, how would you have to watch your opponents and how you should behave when you play not to give away tactics that apply.

But the hardest part was that they had to apply the tactics because I was forced to play alone and I was very hard to take all the cards on the table and apply hand for each player eachspecific tactics to simulate a real game. That lasted about 2weeks after that I felt ready and I went to a national championshipin which the mass was free entry and winner went to the biggest poker tournament in the world who earn fabulous. So I put on the table and won everything in their way, reached the final state offear that I entered and felt slightly easier to get into tilt I had only $ 100 while my opponent had $ 1200 I decided to put everything ingame, so did he, but with my luck they expect the book came and I won. I did not think that will never get that far, but I did it with my dream.


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How I started to play poker for the first time.

At first I had no idea about this type of card game, poker. I did not know how to play where it was invented as rules, in short I did not know anything about it. I heard some rumors that they would gain from it as well if you get to become an experienced player. Going to a football game I noticed a large billboard at the entrance to the stadium with a poker site, saying on that panel that the registration is free and you get a bank-roll the first $ 50. After the match I got home and decided to go to see what it is. I went on different sites to learn the rules.

I watched many videos and I really liked, I decided to start playing myself. We started with one free account, obviously having no experience to play that bankroll I lost so I made another account after I played that a few days and I lost again. I said that once try again with another account. I’ve done to the astonishment or my luck, I won about $ 200, then I felt something deep in me that I guide to poker. I began to really like this game, and I decided to continue playing. I think the only thing that was playing poker, it was for money.


But there was also a small part of the fun and adrenaline, the adrenaline came when opponent draw cards and you did not know what book is the play book, which will be played down, what will happen next hand, what you get, the easier slightly from that state to tilt it goes quickly. But even if in very quickly emerges as fast. Not because I had good cards but because I watched a lot of money with just indifference reasons not to go and in tilt. Days passed and I decided to open my my own online poker site. Then received many visitors and is making many accounts, I decided to try to make them money in a casino game really, and I did. I entered with a small amount at a table with six players who did not seem too experienced. I had read about how you should sit at a table and how to be dressed to hide your facial expressions can betray you. I played one hand because I was very rushed, I put $ 200 on a hand and had the best winning cards on the table about $ 60,000! Since then continue playing.

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How to make money from online poker.

How to earn money from online poker.

Most people think that if you play poker you can win huge sums of money but they do not know but what are the amounts you can losewithout you realize. Poker money you can win as fast as you can lose. A case study shows that people invest a month about three-quarters of the budget as the Ministry of Health, amounts that far exceed many zeros.

There are two types of poker that you can win poker at the casino or online poker. Most players prefer the online because it is more convenient and easier to play, even here they can train more players abilities, not to lose anything. To become one of the best players is very much needed training for a long time or even lost interrestrial casinos. No player on the planet who have not lost a lot of money in poker, many poker stories say about history and how they won or lost money in poker. You can live from poker only if you are very smart and if you look at poker as a sport rather than a gamble.

Online poker can live very well and can even earn relatively higher than in casinos. Many online poker players practice say it is very difficult to gain existence of it because it requires a lot of concentration and very patient, mathematics is a strength for those who want to become the best. On the Internet an interview with a young man who makes his living from poker, he became one of the best poker players in the computer world, and lose about 6-7 hours per day just on poker. He said that poker can be great live. But a strategy that many will find it very hard. Play from 9 to 12 tables at once and requires a very high concentration and a very fast reflex ability. There are days when good win but there are days in which he says is lost very quickly. All the way you think of how you think felu think about your opponent. But the hardest is to pay attention to all the other tables and think in a very rapid movement you make.

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About Poker.

Many say that poker is very easy to learn, yes it is, but all said poker is very hard to play but to get to learn all the secrets of this game. Poker is a game in himself that makes you show off your hidden qualities that may yet have not had time to show them, but now it’s the perfect opportunity to succeed .each player needs to understand several concepts related the strategy applies .These are:
Hand Index (down tight)
- Ability to play aggressive when you can.
- Test your direct opponent disorientation.
- Study of land (direct opponents tracking movements, because later you can take advantage of their mistakes as a result).
That said you should always think about them during the game because they will guide your way through the game.

First when you get poker you should think seriously if you play for money or if I do it for fun. If you want to play for money then you should play a long time and have a lot of effort to get profit from your investment.Nobody is born a winner, all went down. Even the most experienced the greatest poker players in the world have had days when lost everything. Many believe that when it sits at the table wins. Your objective is to play your best every time I go to mass without regard to any past experiences good or bad. In critical situationsyou should keep calm and keep the situation under control.

Another role play and mathematics, even if it sounds a bit”complicated” is not well. This math is based on choosing starting hands, for example if the table intrii with a better hand more oftenthan you win it.
The difference between an experienced player and a beginner is to choose starting hands. For example an experienced player chooses faster and more cautious on starting hand when a player starts to think before hand: ”What to do if?, What will happen if?“ , While the experienced know very well what to do from the beginning.

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What is Poker?

What is poker?

Well for me one poker is something that can not live without, is like air. Poker is one of the oldest card games appeared. Who wants to engage in poker will have to think very well in its consequences to the good but also evil.

Like any good poker and has a dark side, that part is that you can easily become an addict of this game without being able to stop playing. It can easily become a high-risk drug that you can not live without, that I was myself.
It all started in the district where they live. When I get back from school I saw my friends playing a new game, I stayed to watch, that new game that I was very surprised it was Poker. There seemed something very interesting but not really gave it importance. They convinced me I get to play that he did not have to lose if I do. They taught me to play and after a short time was the best of them. One day when I was outside a gang of a few guys came to us and said money to play with them. For the moment I accepted, but then said that we can win a large sum of money if we do. I changed my mind and I went home to take all my savings. I played and I managed to win. I won about 3-4 times more than I init. I decided to play in a casino for very large sums of money. I won a lot money until one day when luck left me. I played almost everything I had and still lose, I borrowed back thinking that I win but I did. I was buried in debt without me realize that I do. When I looked in the mirror I said, “Who am I?” I’m not recognize it. I finally managed to leave the poker world and even I was very excited. I got rid of debts by honest work.

All that said, great advice for beginners who want to engage in poker urge to have great care when they do, because once penetrated the world of poker can get hard, is it the big money won easily.

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