How I decided to start playing poker for money?

My story is a little strange. I have never feels nice not gambling or casino always thought they are a waste of time and t here is no point wasting my life trying to play and not win anything , in fact and after all games are but in which everything relies on luck. But it seems that one day everything changed. Stay home and when my wife came home outraged and angry, slammed the door and screaming. I did not know what happens and try to talk to her but said that he learned everything. I was speechless with amazement because I did not know what happens you find out what he knew and where they are.I tried to talk to her, until finally I found out what was going on. She learned from an unknown that I were in a bar and I cheated 

Although these things were some aberrations, I could not make her understand. We try to do everything I stand in power to convince her that it was not so. And then after things have calmed down she decided to leave me. I no longer had any power to call it that is not true and went. Then I found recovery from alcohol and poker. All  money that I worked and went to play poker casino. I did not know that it will seize life. Play a lot of money and lose a lot when I decided to leave me something and I stumbled appeared, a huge amount of gain that I recovered all lost before. Poker game and continuing to try to figure out how I bring my wife back, so I decided to play one last hand to beat putting all my money. So I bet everything on one hand that there was no compromising, I knew that I will lose everything and start again.  So when the book was given last I looked, and when I saw card I fell from a chair thrown happiness, gaining by 3 times or more. To try to bring back I bought a car and I put roses on my knees telling him that I love. She decided to return to me.



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