What represent poker for me.

What is poker for me?
Poker entered my blood since a very young age about 13 years old when I saw that all the older boys were playing poker in front of the building. I do not know what it is but I have left them sitting next to me and I look to learn. In a few days since I started liking and watching me and one of them gave me the opportunity to try it myself to play. He sat next to me and advised me how to play. It was a new experience that when I can I will always repeat. The beauty here is that poker is very complex, and the part of your mind is stimulated. If clear thinking is difficult to make decisions that may decide the fate of the match. Poker is like a sport where we all practice but no one really manages to get up only very patient, only the best will survive.

It is a matter of the massive thing about focus on one thing. So that it becomes your priority and may even end up being the most important. Poker on me personally helps me forget about the other issues that I have and I relax. I feel like floating with books. The lure attracts you more than trying to make you stay with them for much longer. So the poker world is a world where you can really learn a lot and help you enormously to about focus. Not necessarily focus on poker but focus on external things.

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