How I started playing poker ?

How I started playing poker for money.
For the beginning I just played poker with friends, colleagues and on the internet online, but after a while heard that they earn very well from him and I decided to try playing for money. For the beginning played with friends as very small amounts that did not have a huge budget money. I played with them and after much effort I managed to win all my money + others that had taken the winners. Then I caught walking, how to play how to do not lose and even when to stop. I continued like this for a long time but after a while I decided to go to a real casino game with experienced players, where even if I could while I could lose and gain. If you do not earn money, gain experience with big players.

I sat at a table for beginners like me and we had to play. Lost about always, I was nearly bankrupt when I noticed their reactions to all players. Some were very crisp that seem very much and had no books to win. When I saw this I decided to give All In. There was nothing to lose, and besides I have just put another 3 PLAYER. And I won it leaving only one at the table that we had won 3 rounds later. After I finished the game and when mam up from the table he came to me and said how I managed to get all those books then do not say I wanted to remain my secret, which may in the future it will further. So that was my story about poker.

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