How I started playing poker?

When I started playing poker?
Well my life has been a long line of stories very funny and sometimes very happy and sometimes even funny. But as always in everyone’s life is not all rosy. One day when I got home I saw my parents very sad. I wonder what’s with them and I asked them but did not want to call me. Long after I said finally. Remained out of work, did not want to make me worried because I did not want to affect my school situation. Then I told her to look for work to help how mine. I found nothing only work in a casino as a dealer. Day evening I went to school and went to work. Managed to make life easier, but they would not let me dc me to continue this service. Then I retired and I started playing poker. I had one of the great players around him and taught me all the tricks of the game. I managed to become one of the best poker players around me. Then I enrolled in a tournament where registration was free and you could earn a lot by following him. But this event gathered many players with a lot of experience. I was still an amateur and frankly I was afraid of what you’ll encounter. But it was not so scary. I managed to cope and have reached the final, the winner taking $ 100,000 and the 2nd place get $ 50,000 I got to the last hand I had budgeted $ 100 and I zs all or nothing. I had 2 pairs and look forward to the next book. My opponent, and put it all in, I got the 3rd book and FULL surprise, he had 2 pairs I took everything with a very light hand not know much. I do not know how to react. I came home with a lot of money, and my parents were dazed and did not know what to do how to ask me where I got them where I did get it and then I explained the whole story. And then the game continues.

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