Importance for every poker player.

Importance for every poker player.
Many players who are experienced and play poker for a long time and especially, plays money poker  is saying that some of them can not live without, without which you can not wake up in the morning. Some nights are to wake up to prepare new tactics in order to train your mind and body for any challenges. Many have very sharp senses and I know when I lose but others fall into place very easily be distracted and rushed.

It is hard when you are betrayed by your cards when you think you win, but it really is not that you lose not because of luck but because you leave, for others it is an advantage and could not wait to sit on the prowl to make such a twist game. Poker game is called mind, being particularly coordinated mind, that is to say it is better to be rested and clear your mind when you try to do something because fatigue affects your brain only thinks so clear and you lose lot because of this. So try to be calm and even temper piedeti not. Good luck.!

What represent poker for me.

What is poker for me?
Poker entered my blood since a very young age about 13 years old when I saw that all the older boys were playing poker in front of the building. I do not know what it is but I have left them sitting next to me and I look to learn. In a few days since I started liking and watching me and one of them gave me the opportunity to try it myself to play. He sat next to me and advised me how to play. It was a new experience that when I can I will always repeat. The beauty here is that poker is very complex, and the part of your mind is stimulated. If clear thinking is difficult to make decisions that may decide the fate of the match. Poker is like a sport where we all practice but no one really manages to get up only very patient, only the best will survive.

It is a matter of the massive thing about focus on one thing. So that it becomes your priority and may even end up being the most important. Poker on me personally helps me forget about the other issues that I have and I relax. I feel like floating with books. The lure attracts you more than trying to make you stay with them for much longer. So the poker world is a world where you can really learn a lot and help you enormously to about focus. Not necessarily focus on poker but focus on external things.

How become a good poker player?

How to become a good poker player?
Many believe that if you look at how others play cards or if you read reports experiences of players can become like them. But what they do not know is that and how to  become a good player. To become great you need more repetition and more games played. There’s an old saying that mother teaching is repetition. So to become very good it takes a lot of repetition. Many hours spent with books in hand made ​​and written ideas can to remember them better, more books studied.

So I can focus but you need to eat plenty of rest to stimulate your brain and the most important thing but if there is it may be disturbing element of tranquility. Silence is the most important factor because it is the one that helps you focus. Search for clear thinking do not you think you’ll lose, think positive and not think about the amount of money you bet until then, how you lose, think about how you will win if you play correctly. There are only a few rules to help you become the best. Remember something , be calm and watch over time to understand what happen. I wish u good luck and best of regards.

How I started playing poker?

When I started playing poker?
Well my life has been a long line of stories very funny and sometimes very happy and sometimes even funny. But as always in everyone’s life is not all rosy. One day when I got home I saw my parents very sad. I wonder what’s with them and I asked them but did not want to call me. Long after I said finally. Remained out of work, did not want to make me worried because I did not want to affect my school situation. Then I told her to look for work to help how mine. I found nothing only work in a casino as a dealer. Day evening I went to school and went to work. Managed to make life easier, but they would not let me dc me to continue this service. Then I retired and I started playing poker. I had one of the great players around him and taught me all the tricks of the game. I managed to become one of the best poker players around me. Then I enrolled in a tournament where registration was free and you could earn a lot by following him. But this event gathered many players with a lot of experience. I was still an amateur and frankly I was afraid of what you’ll encounter. But it was not so scary. I managed to cope and have reached the final, the winner taking $ 100,000 and the 2nd place get $ 50,000 I got to the last hand I had budgeted $ 100 and I zs all or nothing. I had 2 pairs and look forward to the next book. My opponent, and put it all in, I got the 3rd book and FULL surprise, he had 2 pairs I took everything with a very light hand not know much. I do not know how to react. I came home with a lot of money, and my parents were dazed and did not know what to do how to ask me where I got them where I did get it and then I explained the whole story. And then the game continues.

How I started playing poker ?

How I started playing poker for money.
For the beginning I just played poker with friends, colleagues and on the internet online, but after a while heard that they earn very well from him and I decided to try playing for money. For the beginning played with friends as very small amounts that did not have a huge budget money. I played with them and after much effort I managed to win all my money + others that had taken the winners. Then I caught walking, how to play how to do not lose and even when to stop. I continued like this for a long time but after a while I decided to go to a real casino game with experienced players, where even if I could while I could lose and gain. If you do not earn money, gain experience with big players.

I sat at a table for beginners like me and we had to play. Lost about always, I was nearly bankrupt when I noticed their reactions to all players. Some were very crisp that seem very much and had no books to win. When I saw this I decided to give All In. There was nothing to lose, and besides I have just put another 3 PLAYER. And I won it leaving only one at the table that we had won 3 rounds later. After I finished the game and when mam up from the table he came to me and said how I managed to get all those books then do not say I wanted to remain my secret, which may in the future it will further. So that was my story about poker.

About Poker WORLD

All you need to know about poker you enter his world.
Poker and other gambling casinos are part of the world is a game that is based on luck and a lot of perseverence. To be a good player requires patience and skill and it is not the least important element luck. But luck can be backfire very quickly without knowing why and when. To be successful in fighting other players need a lot of emotions but calm mastery necessary to overcome any difficult phase of a poker game.

Emotions and fear that you will lose should be hidden because they are the best items that you give away and those mistakes that can make you lose. It indicated a very slight status inside you indifferent even if you’re afraid, the outside has to be tough and not let it penetrate disturbing elements. You have to look at books and think they are your friends and you always come when you most need, even if sometimes it’s going to lose your luck and you should not blame yourself for losing. Many people say that after losing dealer was at fault or that the cards were rigged, but do not blame them or luck. I always lose why not be the same and will not be the true.
Other poker players when it comes to say that win very easily and very large amounts. A little trick is based on the stake everything they have won by then even if not very dangerous books in hand. But this version is the most dangerous for the opponent may have better cards than you and you can lose everything, but there is a word of ancient ancestors never ventured nothing gained.

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How I decided to start playing poker for money?

My story is a little strange. I have never feels nice not gambling or casino always thought they are a waste of time and t here is no point wasting my life trying to play and not win anything , in fact and after all games are but in which everything relies on luck. But it seems that one day everything changed. Stay home and when my wife came home outraged and angry, slammed the door and screaming. I did not know what happens and try to talk to her but said that he learned everything. I was speechless with amazement because I did not know what happens you find out what he knew and where they are.I tried to talk to her, until finally I found out what was going on. She learned from an unknown that I were in a bar and I cheated 

Although these things were some aberrations, I could not make her understand. We try to do everything I stand in power to convince her that it was not so. And then after things have calmed down she decided to leave me. I no longer had any power to call it that is not true and went. Then I found recovery from alcohol and poker. All  money that I worked and went to play poker casino. I did not know that it will seize life. Play a lot of money and lose a lot when I decided to leave me something and I stumbled appeared, a huge amount of gain that I recovered all lost before. Poker game and continuing to try to figure out how I bring my wife back, so I decided to play one last hand to beat putting all my money. So I bet everything on one hand that there was no compromising, I knew that I will lose everything and start again.  So when the book was given last I looked, and when I saw card I fell from a chair thrown happiness, gaining by 3 times or more. To try to bring back I bought a car and I put roses on my knees telling him that I love. She decided to return to me.



How to make money from online poker.

How to earn money from online poker.

Most people think that if you play poker you can win huge sums of money but they do not know but what are the amounts you can losewithout you realize. Poker money you can win as fast as you can lose. A case study shows that people invest a month about three-quarters of the budget as the Ministry of Health, amounts that far exceed many zeros.

There are two types of poker that you can win poker at the casino or online poker. Most players prefer the online because it is more convenient and easier to play, even here they can train more players abilities, not to lose anything. To become one of the best players is very much needed training for a long time or even lost interrestrial casinos. No player on the planet who have not lost a lot of money in poker, many poker stories say about history and how they won or lost money in poker. You can live from poker only if you are very smart and if you look at poker as a sport rather than a gamble.

Online poker can live very well and can even earn relatively higher than in casinos. Many online poker players practice say it is very difficult to gain existence of it because it requires a lot of concentration and very patient, mathematics is a strength for those who want to become the best. On the Internet an interview with a young man who makes his living from poker, he became one of the best poker players in the computer world, and lose about 6-7 hours per day just on poker. He said that poker can be great live. But a strategy that many will find it very hard. Play from 9 to 12 tables at once and requires a very high concentration and a very fast reflex ability. There are days when good win but there are days in which he says is lost very quickly. All the way you think of how you think felu think about your opponent. But the hardest is to pay attention to all the other tables and think in a very rapid movement you make.

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How to win alot from poker?

How to become one of the richest people in the world playing poker?

Well, to become one of the best poker players should have much practice, patience and tactics. I first played poker on the internet .I find it very complicated and I have not given much importance .The next day I played and the lack of occupation. Begin to understand about what it is. Days passed and I was playing increasingly more poker without knowing how quickly time passes at your computer playing online poker.I started to learn everything and so I decided to try my game money fortune. I arrived at the casino I was little nervous because for the first time I play on a sum of money.
When I came to the table all underestimated me saying I have no chance in front of them play for years. We started on a very small amount, about $ 1000 a game was going very badly for me, everyone else but I was earning only one does not. All loss and losing did not know what to do remain a very small amount of money I decided to put them all in the game. A final hand has become the lucky winning $ 10,000. All my opponents at the table were amazed. I was still counting and I played in high amounts. At the end of the evening we arrived at the amount of $ 100,000 and decided to leave the casino.

From that experience I went today only wasting time earning my living from casino . Become very recognized both inside and outside of the casino because of the large sums of money that I won. Play with the richest and influential people in the world who pat. Many of them came to ask my advice on the strategy that it applies; I wanted to say how you always win. I started investing money earned in my own casino.I played the best poker player and I managed to overcome very difficult, everyone was speechless even saying he remained very surprised that only has words. Congratulated me and invited me to play even in the most expensive poker tournament in the world.

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