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Many say that poker is very easy to learn, yes it is, but all said poker is very hard to play but to get to learn all the secrets of this game. Poker is a game in himself that makes you show off your hidden qualities that may yet have not had time to show them, but now it’s the perfect opportunity to succeed .each player needs to understand several concepts related the strategy applies .These are:
Hand Index (down tight)
- Ability to play aggressive when you can.
- Test your direct opponent disorientation.
- Study of land (direct opponents tracking movements, because later you can take advantage of their mistakes as a result).
That said you should always think about them during the game because they will guide your way through the game.

First when you get poker you should think seriously if you play for money or if I do it for fun. If you want to play for money then you should play a long time and have a lot of effort to get profit from your investment.Nobody is born a winner, all went down. Even the most experienced the greatest poker players in the world have had days when lost everything. Many believe that when it sits at the table wins. Your objective is to play your best every time I go to mass without regard to any past experiences good or bad. In critical situationsyou should keep calm and keep the situation under control.

Another role play and mathematics, even if it sounds a bit”complicated” is not well. This math is based on choosing starting hands, for example if the table intrii with a better hand more oftenthan you win it.
The difference between an experienced player and a beginner is to choose starting hands. For example an experienced player chooses faster and more cautious on starting hand when a player starts to think before hand: ”What to do if?, What will happen if?“ , While the experienced know very well what to do from the beginning.

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  1. Indeed poker is very easy to learn, but how easy it seems so difficult is because at first you do not know what you should do when you draw a card if you must throw wrong or if you need to stay in the game.


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